Standard of beauty and elegance often portrayed as something identical. Either to be skinny, fair skinned, long-haired, big eyes, freckles-less and so on. What society has created changes the way people think, dress, and behave.

It is, for some of us called motivation. We tend to build, create, and even shape ourselves to meet standards and trends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with catching up with the trends. Motivation can be a good guide for us, but it’s just a guidance. We should be the one in charge and take the lead.

But once motivation takes over the wheel, it becomes a lethal weapon. Some of us may be drawn to it, maybe a little too ambitious. Turning ourselves into what we are not. Busy ourselves to build, create, and even shape masks just to impress the society. The masks, some of us made by day and take off by night. Every night becomes a nest of thoughts,

“Why can’t I be myself?”

There should be no standards for beauty and elegance. No standard on how to be pretty, stunning, cool, cute, gorgeous. Every woman has their own way to radiate their beauty and in their own style.

Ladies, hear me out. There are people out there who are fascinated by your beauty. And sometimes they are too shy to tell you, or they envy you, they don’t really know you that much, they think they are out of your reach, and there are many possibilities to come.

You don’t need anybody to make you feel precious, beautiful, or even worthy.

(But do not forget about your bestfriend because they’re your #1 supporter) *wink emoji*

The Almighty created us with strengths and weaknesses, but that makes us human, and humans are the most lovely creatures. With confidence combined with wisdom, modesty, even our flaw (yes indeed), sparkling eyes and a raised chin. Unconsciously, you are radiating your beauty.

Standards are boring, standards are destined for the boring.


So ladies, which one will you choose today?

To stay behind a mask or to flourish?

She believes in kindness and positivity, which is why she has a certain color to her writing. The colors that turns sadness and sorrow into hope and smile. ♡