We live as we feel like dying

Every little step have a meaning

But isn’t that the beauty of living?

Every breath we take

As if we don’t have any break

We’re all mesmerized by the fact

That little things can have so much impact

We grow as we got hurt

Sometimes by those words

As if no one would alert

Let the past go

And the future flow

The time will heal

It’s time for us to take the wheel

We rise as we fall

Can’t keep falling to the same hole

Some of us are just wanting to be whole

Do not let them know

That you’ve been swallowed

We will be blown by the view

Every step you take make the new you

We dream as we feel like flying

In reality we’re stepping

For what is worth, we won’t stop trying

We have grown, we just never knew

Each scar that heals makes us feel brand new

Keep your chin up

Don’t ever give up

We are beautiful

And we are thankful

Each and every one of us is beautiful

And we are grateful

She believes in kindness and positivity, which is why she has a certain color to her writing. The colors that turns sadness and sorrow into hope and smile. ♡