It all starts with a simple hello.

It never occurred to me that you would fill that hollow,

We will never know,

How big will this feeling grow?

Butterflies revolve around me

When you call me by my name.

I smile at my phone, they think I’m crazy.

You will always be the one to blame.


My days are brighter

When you’re around.

Tuesday tastes bitter,

When you’re nowhere to be found.


The tenderness within you,

Never fails to soften me.

With you, it’s like being free.

I can’t be anyone else but me.


Aren’t you tired,

Running around inside my brain?

It is as if there’s a wire

Connects us tightly even when there’s a hurricane.


Sparkle in your eyes,

Reflects the smile on my face.

The beauty of blue skies,

Remind me of the warmth of your embrace.


I lost myself when I lost you

Even when I haven’t met you.

I made this for you,

Hoping that one day you will find this through.

She believes in kindness and positivity, which is why she has a certain color to her writing. The colors that turns sadness and sorrow into hope and smile. ♡