My life has never been so peaceful.

It all started when I stop worrying.

Okay, let me repeat.

Stop worrying about what will happen next year.

What will happen tomorrow, even an hour later this day.

It doesn’t mean I stopped trying.

All the effort, sweat and tears even blood still needs to be wiped away.


“Nothing worth having comes easy.” They said.

Well it might sounds cliché but this is not something we can dispute.

Yes, nothing good is easy.

But we also need to remember one thing,

Nothing is impossible.

Because when you worry, you doubt the greatness of The Almighty.


As long as we’re giving our best

To any goals, any dreams, any plans we’re currently performing,

You have nothing to worry about.

And I know for a fact, it’s not an easy task to accomplish.

But remember, nothing good is easy.


I don’t believe in luck.

People get what they deserve,

People get what they give.

Giving is not only about materialism.

It’s what we’ve done to fellow human, other organism or even objects.

The living and the dead.


Not only what we have given and done, but also what we have said.

Sometimes, words can be hurtful.

Hurtful than any deed ever.

But good intention leads to good deed.

And we don’t need to worry about what we’ve done or said,

It’s all because we’re armed with good intention.


Let’s say you have a beautiful garden of flowers,

I need you to invest in kindness.

I can assure you that the flowers will grow beautifully.

She believes in kindness and positivity, which is why she has a certain color to her writing. The colors that turns sadness and sorrow into hope and smile. ♡