Even though you belong in the future,

You remain a mystery.

I would never see the departure.

Your existence is misery,

For me, still waiting so patiently.

Wish that time would pass me by,

But it’s out of my control,

Wish that I could say goodbye,

To the days I haven’t met your mole.

I know when I finally meet you,

This love will grow. This feelings will never go away.

I will love you

a little bit more everyday.

Even when you’re sad, even when you’re mad.

Never in a million years,

I stopped thinking about you.

You’ll come and persevere,

Plant the seeds of tenderness you cannot undo.

You will be here to wipe my tears.

I’d write a song about you

Maybe a lullaby

Wish that you’d love it too

The wind blow and wipe away my sorrow

Every time you come by

When you’re finally here,

I know you’ll wash away my pain.

The thought of you would never disappear.

Keep running through my brain.

Not a single thing could ever interfere.

Just a like fruit that falls from a tree,

You set me free.

Shed your love without asking in return.

Because you know, I will always be devoted to you without the slightest hesitation.

She believes in kindness and positivity, which is why she has a certain color to her writing. The colors that turns sadness and sorrow into hope and smile. ♡