Change is not a simple matter, change is not an easy thing to accomplish. However, it’s possible. Transformation takes a long time, requires a lot of lessons. Improvement takes a lot of practices, perhaps tons of trials, failures, errors.

We should be careful with our words. But most importantly, we must carefully design our intentions. For the most part, every action we take today is determined by the intention within us. Even the slightest intention will be recorded. Intentions will be formulated into words and words can be dangerous. Words are powerful. Everything we say, every action we do, every path we choose will define who we are. We made mistakes because we’re only human. But there is still extensive space for us for to be a better version of ourselves. To improve, to bloom.

I am now trying to be more careful on designing my intentions. Intentions could lead to deeds, every action we’re about to take. Intentions guide our step, which path we will take. Intentions formulate our perspective, on how we see the world. I repeat, any change or improvement is not a simple matter. But with our intention, anything could happen. So let’s set our good intention, our goals to be better, step by step. No matter how far we’re about to stomp. Baby step is better than no step at all. We can do this.

We’re here to be better, we’re in this together. ♡

She believes in kindness and positivity, which is why she has a certain color to her writing. The colors that turns sadness and sorrow into hope and smile. ♡