There was a time in her life,

In the air, she was floating.

Between the past and the future.

It never occurred to her that she would survive.

Being alive no longer has meaning,

She couldn’t see the big picture.

She was drowning in the sea of sorrow,

With her back pierced by an arrow,

Like there will be no tomorrow.

Even when she was floating,

She could feel something was pulling,

Pulling her deeper and felt the darkness growing.

Darkness has swallowed.

All she could do was letting herself gets swallowed.

And the fear within herself followed.

Darkness revolves…

We live as we feel like dying

Every little step have a meaning

But isn’t that the beauty of living?

Every breath we take

As if we don’t have any break

We’re all mesmerized by the fact

That little things can have so much impact

We grow as we got hurt

Sometimes by those words

As if no one would alert

Let the past go

And the future flow

The time will heal

It’s time for us to take the wheel

Ragaku mungkin tak bergerak, tuturku mungkin terdiam.

Nyatanya tak seorangpun dapat mengupas lapisan terdalam pikiranku.

Tak ada yang tahu bahwa pikiranku tidak berhenti bekerja ketika tuturku bungkam.

Bagai suatu kekacauan yang penuh dengan percikan warna yang terjebak dalam labirin kaca.

Ya, labirin kaca.

Penuh dengan inspirasi yang tidak berstruktur, kata yang penuh rasa namun tak bermakna.

Bagai pipa yang tersumbat, tak jarang ku tercekik dibuatnya.


Tak pandai mengutarakan suaraku.

Ingin rasanya ku muntahkan segala bisikan yang mengganggu pikiranku.

Tak jarang kecemasan menghantuiku

Bahwa apa yang ku katakan akan menjadi tanggung jawabku hingga akhir hayat.

Bahwa apa yang ku katakan…

Alhamdulillah, a month has passed, challenging myself to write and I managed to get through 30 days full of twists. Yes, 30 Days Writing Challenge! As I said in my previous writing, it’s truly unbelievable. Never thought I would made this far, never thought I could passed this challenge within a month.

Singing, painting, doodling, designing, taking pictures and editing photos have been therapy for me since a long time ago. By joining the 30 Days Writing Challenge, writing has become one of my escape from reality, an escape from my busy, gloomy day. Soon will be my therapy as…

29 days have passed, it’s truly unbelievable. The 30 Days writing challenge will be over soon. I’ve learned many things from this winding journey, one of which is how to maintain my writing commitment, to maintain consistency in the quality of my writing. I challenge myself every day, yes, I challenge myself to write. I got in this community because of a good friend of mine, Viona. This is the second time she’s joining the challenge and she dragged me with her. After all, this is a writing challenge, and to be frank, this is pretty challenging. This is the…

Change is not a simple matter, change is not an easy thing to accomplish. However, it’s possible. Transformation takes a long time, requires a lot of lessons. Improvement takes a lot of practices, perhaps tons of trials, failures, errors.

We should be careful with our words. But most importantly, we must carefully design our intentions. For the most part, every action we take today is determined by the intention within us. Even the slightest intention will be recorded. Intentions will be formulated into words and words can be dangerous. Words are powerful. Everything we say, every action we do, every…

Every year, the issue of climate change gets worse. These natural disaster might not be something that we could significantly feel, but it is indeed is a punishment from The Almighty to what humankind has done. Certainly, it is because the earth’s temperature is gradually increasing. However, many of us do not realize that these things are caused by humans themselves.

Many daily activities that we are not aware of are endangering the earth. As simple as the matter of what we EAT. We eat an average of 3 times a day. Of the three times of meal: breakfast, lunch…

Even though you belong in the future,

You remain a mystery.

I would never see the departure.

Your existence is misery,

For me, still waiting so patiently.

Wish that time would pass me by,

But it’s out of my control,

Wish that I could say goodbye,

To the days I haven’t met your mole.

I know when I finally meet you,

This love will grow. This feelings will never go away.

I will love you

a little bit more everyday.

Even when you’re sad, even when you’re mad.

Never in a million years,

I stopped thinking about you.

You’ll come…

Di tengah kegundahan, kesepian, dan kesedihan. Terkadang semua itu bisa teredam oleh hewan peliharan. Dan untuk diriku sendiri, aku sangat menyukai kucing. Dan kebetulan saya mempunyai empat ekor kucing yang lucu dan menggemaskan. Mereka aku beri nama Zahra, Amber, dan Shopie. Ketiga kucingku ini adalah betina, cantik-cantik seperti yang punya. Dan satu lagi namanya Simba dan dia yang paling tampan sebab dia adalah kucing jantanku. Semua nama itu kuambil dari bahasa campuran. Keren ‘kan? Hehe …

Mereka begitu setia menemaniku dari kesepian dan kadang dari kegundahan hati, serta dari rasa rindu yang tak terobati. Sebab tak bisa bertemu orang-orang terkasih…

We frequently face difficulties and inconveniences.

Indeed, life is full of surprises.

But tests are only good in disguise.

All the things we have been through,

All the hardship we stepped on,

All the sorrow we experienced.

Some people consider it a curse.

All the things that are devastating our passion and

The things that are destroying our dreams.

But on the other hand,

Some people see it as a blessing.

Blessing in disguise.

Every little thing happens for a reason.

Is it a blessing or a curse?

We have our own perspective.

We have our own point of view.

Annisa Pane

She believes in kindness and positivity, which is why she has a certain color to her writing. The colors that turns sadness and sorrow into hope and smile. ♡

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